Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation time

Where did the first two-thirds of June go?!?!

The End

Baseball-- last game was today. Jake had a great season! He's matured so much the last couple of years.

Ballet-- Spring performance was today. It was the ballet Coppelia. All of the girls did great!

School-- Done and over with. Both kiddos had a good school year. I think they were happy for Summer break

Tom's job-- Over as of yesterday. He's signed up for unemployment, and has met with people at a few different dealerships and supply companies. Hopefully he can find something with a similar pay/benefits. If not, he'll hang out with the kids this summer until he can find something good.

New things--

Vacation-- We leave tomorrow to head to St Louis for a week. We'll go to Bunker Hill, which is esentially family camp. I have 2 books downloaded on my iphone, and another 3-4 to take with. We're going to Six Flags, and the Arch, and will see all of the cousins.

School-- I was accepted into the BSHA program at Loma Linda University. It starts on Monday. I should probably register for classes. Oh that's right, I can't. Since this was a total last minute thing, everything has holds or other issues, so it's slow going getting set up.

Laptop-- Tom bought us a macbook pro. This laptop won't charge batteries (just tried a new one), and turns off randomly. Since I got into that program, I NEED a functioning computer. Thanks to grandma Ruthie for buying it for Father's Day.

Backyard-- Okay this hasn't happened yet, but it's Tom's project. He's going to clear out all of the weeds, and pull up all of the flower beds. Clara wants a swing set, but I'm not sure if we can make that work. Also going to pressure wash the patio and sidewalks, and refinish some of the patio furniture.

Well, I should probably get some laundry done, and need to start packing. The dogs were dropped off at the vet to be boarded, the babysitter is lined up to check on the cat, now to get the house in a cleanish state so when we get home next weekend, it will be nice.

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