Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Already?

Where has the first five months of the year gone? Half of the family birthday's have passed, only two left! I'm hoping that now it's June, the weather will cooperate. But based on my iPhone weather calender, it's rain for the rest of the week. Boo! We have 2 baseball games and a practice between now and Saturday, so we could really use some sun!

These next 3 weeks are going to be busy! We made it through Jake's birthday, which was great, and now we have the last 6 games+practices for baseball. Clara has 3 more regular ballet classes+2 Saturday all cast rehearsals+dress rehearsal and performance the 3 Saturday. We have the last day of school for the kids, plus finals and end of Spring term for me. Clara's birthday is the 17th, with her party taking place on the 13th.

And we found out Friday that Tom's last day of work is June 15th......

So there will be some changes in store this summer. I'm a little jealous that Tom gets to be a "stay at home dad" for the summer. We decided unless he can find something equal pay, it would be better for him to spend the summer with the kids. I do wish I was still working at the hospital simply because I was off 4 days a week. Think of all the fun we could have! Do all the crowded busy stuff on week days instead of weekends ect. But that's not the case, so I'll move on ;-)

We were brainstorming ideas for things for them to do all summer. Luckily there is a ton of free and/or cheap stuff not fairly close by. Heck the beach is only an hour away and the kids would sit and play in the sun for hours.

This will all be a big adjustment for us. Not least of all figuring out how to cut the difference between what he makes and what unemployment will pay, from our budget. Wish us luck.

We do have 1 family trip planned. On June 20th we leave for St Louis for a week. It'll be Tom's first trip there--mine and the kids third trip since the start of the year ;-) We're going to Bunker Hill for 4 nights with my dad's family. I think minimum, there will be 18 of us. My dad and his siblings have been going for just about 50 years. Tom isn't super duper excited, but I think once we get there, he'll enjoy it. I promised him we could drive to town every day if he wanted to.

(Bunker Hill is like family camp down in the Ozark mountains in southern Missouri. It's a camp that the MSTA owns, so it's all teachers and educators that go. My grandma was an elementary school teachers. There's canoing and kayaking and hiking and other activities. Here are the pictures from our last trip.)

Well the baby sitter finally showed up (didn't wake up until I texted her asking where she was....so I'll only be 35minutes late for work....)


sarah said...

hi! i'm co-captain of the super crafty swap and just wanted to let you know that i added links to everyone's blogs on the sidebar of my blog. thought we all might like to see what our fellow crafty swappers are up to.

also, my mom was a single mother my entire childhood (9months to 23 years old) and we often drove over to the beach for the day. pack a fun picnic lunch and it's pretty much just the cost of the gas to get there - lots of fun memories of doing that during my childhood!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your send-ee in the crafty swap - just wanted to stop by and say hi! I hope all is well and your summer has kicked off! We are a great match, and share a lot of interests, including the love of diet coke:) Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for swap goodies...


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