Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun Stuff

I'm finally starting to adjust to a 5 day a week work schedule. It's lovely having every weekend to spend as a family, the amount of park time we've been getting in has been great! I'm getting a little more used to waking at everyday, instead of sleeping until 8 4 days a week. And I'm trying to fit in some time for crafting.

When I was at my parents house yesterday I spent some time looking through all of the fabric I have there. I haven't been sewing at all lately, but I want to make some throw pillows. That seems managable, and I bought some pillows when I was at IKEA a few months ago. So I'm really thinking I need to make them. I still want to buy a sewing machine. I'm almost to the screw it point and just buying a cheap one from Joann's. Then hopefully before too long, I'll be able to get a nicer one. But if I keep trying to save a little more money to get the next step up, I'll never get there!

I would be going on a scrapbooking trip this weekend, but it was canceled due to low enrollment, which makes me very sad :-( We're going to go to the beach as a family instead, which will be great, but I neeeeed to do some scrapping. It's been months! I need to arm wrestle Tom over the dining room table--he has his RC car stuff scattered across it right now.

Shutterfly will be getting a large order from me soon--I need to order pictures from about August until now. Sad. Well it will make me happy, but it's sad I haven't printed any since then! I might just print everything, then once I get them, determine which to blow up or shrink down. Otherwise I get bogged down trying to figure that out with 500 pictures, then I don't order any because I'm overwhelmed....

So my goal is to blog more, and not bitch so much. I want to do more crafty stuff, I'm participating in an exchange, and I think this will motivate me to get more done! I might take some pics of stuff I've created in the past to get my creative juices flowing :-)

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