Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost crafty

The closest I came to doing anything creative this last weekend was helping Jake create Uranus from styrofoam, spray paint, foam core and skewers. I hope his teacher likes it ;-)

I am also creating tonight--dessert to be exact, but I needed a special treat for LOST. So chocolate cobbler is in the oven. It smells sooooo good. Hurry up and bake!!

I think I might start cross stitching again. I was trying to organize some of my scrapping stuff and I came across my stitching stuff. I like that I can do it while watching TV, or sitting at gymnastics, or just about anywhere. So now I need to find a pattern I like, and maybe head up to Portland to go to Acorns and Threads. Always find inspiration there. I'm thinking something for a pillow....

Okay time for LOST.

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