Sunday, March 07, 2010


We have so much "stuff" at our house. I don't know what to do with it all. Any tips on organizing school stuff, sports stuff, activity stuff? I feel like it's everywhere. And then we loose pieces. Like for cub scouts. We can never keep track of the slide for the kerchief. It always disappears. Very frustrating!

Right now I'm trying to get rid of stuff. Like old clothes, toys, kitchen stuff we don't use ect. It's a very very slow process. I think I'm going to try to have a garage sale the weekend after Easter. It'll be my second full weekend off, and I'll just do a Saturday one. I'll be so happy to get rid of old toys and clothes and shoes! Then everything that doesn't sell, we can donate to either Reruns, or goodwill.

I figure if I post about it here, I'll have more motivation to make it happen :-)

Tomorrow marks the start of the new job. I'm nervous. Wish me luck. I really really hope I made the correct choice. Other than 2.5 people, I really liked my old job a whole lot!! But I think the new job can be a good thing too.

I'm planning out dinners for this week. Monday-Wednesday I'll be home by 330, but we have activities each evening. Thursday and Friday I'm off later at 5 and 530, so Tom will be home first. I'll try to plan stuff he can start. The nice thing those days are that we stay home all evening...

Okay off to study for my last business test, and start my final draft for my paper. Luckily it's nice so the kids can spend all afternoon in the sun, leaving me in peace.


amberlee said...

Best of luck tomorrow! As far as the orginization thing do this: pick one room/bin/drawer/shelf and touch everything only once. Make three piles: keep, sell/donate, and toss. Then put all the keep away. A slow process, but it works!

Sweet Mama Jame said...

One room at a time and never under-estimate the power of Goodwill, rubbermaid bins and labels!


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