Monday, March 08, 2010

I survived

Made it through the first day of work. My feet hurt from standing for 7 hours. Not the end of the world, but I'm just not used to standing there for the sole purpose of not sitting....8 hour shift FLY by. And coming home for lunch? Lovely. Had chinese chicken salad leftovers from last night, plus a roll that I had baked last night as well. Watched Amazing Race and caught up on blogs. Didn't want to go back to work though.

I spent all afternoon working on my paper and brochure. Will be going straight back to work on it after I get home tomorrow. It's due at 630, but if I can spend a good hour on it, I'll be set. Then I have to figure out how to do double sided printing, without wasting a ton of ink (since it's all color)...

I have a headache. Ugh. Lack of caffeine I'm assuming, even tho the sitter brought a huge diet pepsi for me this morning ;-) If she doesn't bring one tomorrow, I'm going to HAVE to drive to circle K and get one, or I won't survive day 2.

I'm kinda bummed, all my blog friends have been crafting like crazy. I want to! But I don't have time right now. 6 days a week for work, plus finishing up my classes don't leave much time. And I have to start studying hardcore for my CT post certification test. I'm super nervous about.

So when I have time, I want to scrapbook, retry to learn how to knit, and do some sewing and/or quilting. Goals.

Amber I try to do the only touch things one deal, but I have such a hard time! I need to start more organized with the keep/toss/giveway set up, so it'll go smoothly.

Jamie--I love rubbermaid bins. I have a ton to sort out. They become a stopgap measure I'm finding.

thanks for the ideas :-)

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