Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ch ch changes

So work, maybe switching things up. Not sure.

Do I give up a super cake job where I work 3 days a week, just one of those days is Saturday? Where 1/2 the time it's slow and I can read, watch TV, play on the computer? But a job where I'm miserable atleast 1/3 of the time due to people I work with. Where that isn't going to change anytime soon?

The new job would be at a clinic that I can see from my driveway. It'd be 5 days a week instead of 3. All weekends and holidays off. Home for dinner every night, over 1/2 the time I'd be home to meet the kids when they walk home.

The pay would be about the same over all. I'd most likely be a salaried employee, with some perks other employees don't get, just because I get them at my current job.

But there's no cell phones. Definatly no TV. They don't like internet usage. I'd have to help with and/or take *film* x-rays. GASP.

But I'd get to be "in charge" of the PACS/RIS system. I'd get to set up everything having to do with the department myself.

So I dunno. They're calling me with an offer tonight. I have a feeling that if I turn it down, then I'm burning a bridge, but I don't want to make the wrong choice!


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Susan's 365 said...

I really like the fact that it's so close to home, same pay, no weekends or holidays and that you'll be home with the family at night. Let us know what you decide...if you haven't already.


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