Monday, December 28, 2009

Another trip planned

Tickets bought and car rental booked for a quickie trip to St Louis to see my grandma. She's not doing well at all, so we're really hoping she can hold out for us to get there. She needs prayers and happy thoughts. Tom isn't able to take any time off of work, so it'll just be me and the kids. We're going Jan 16-2o, so really only there for 3 days. But since the 18th no school, they're only missing 2 school days. We'll stay at my grandma's house with my uncle, as my grandma is at a nursing home.

I'm hoping the trip won't be all bad. We're hoping to meet my cousins' twin girls, and hopefully get to see my other cousins' triplets and 5 yr old girl. A sad note, the cousin's dad is in the hospital and not doing well either. He had a heart attack and isn't recovering as well as hoped for. So keep him in your prayers as well.

One of the reasons for renting a car--so I won't have to depend on anyone else and spend excessive amounts of time sitting around waiting. I HATE that.

Mom is home and doing pretty well. At my parents house right now, as my computer is still dead. Sad. But this way we're here if my mom needs anything. We're gonna head to the park for an hour or two so she can rest. She can get up by herself, but still weak and in alot of pain.

Nothing too exciting to share, just keeping on going. That's all we can do, right?


amberlee said...

I'll keep everyone in my thoughts, most especially you! I hope the trip goes well. We're having a relaxing week here in between Christmas and the new years so if you want to pop over sometime please do!

colorchic said...

Keeping your family in our thoughts, wishing you a Happy New Year!

Mary said...

Thanks Amber and Julie!


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