Thursday, December 24, 2009

Homemade potstickers

I tried making these last night. Total pain. But they tasted pretty
yummy. Next time I'll either find a pasta roller to use, or buy
premade wrappers cuz the dough was a little thick and became kinda
gummy at times.

I posted another post right before this, since I can only post 1
picture per post ;)


Di said...

That sounds yummy. I think I might try some for New Year's Eve (with the already made dough). Thanks for the idea~

colorchic said...

Oh my gosh... Those look amazing! Reeeealllly hungry right now!

Mary said...

They tasted pretty good. I'll be making them again soon--maybe this week--only 9.5 more hours before I'm done working until 7am Thursday ;-)


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