Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nice Sunday

Today we had family pictures taken by my friend Michelle. I'm hoping for atleast 1 good family picture, and a good one of Tom and I. She took quite a few, so the odds are in our favor. She took the kids Christmas pictures last year, and they were great!

After that we went to the H1N1 distribution center in Sherwood, otherwise known as Safari Sam's. Shudder. Thank God for vaccines.

We drove around for a bit after that, we had about an hour to kill until Tom's parents were home from work. Clara and I fell asleep in the car, while Jake played his DS and Tom drove. Lol. Naps are good.

Finally we got to the inlaws, but left for dinner shortly after. We went to Old Chicago. My food was iffy, but everyone else had yummy looking food!

The kids went to be as soon as we got home, and I got to watch both Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Now I'm going to bed.

It was a good day :-)

1 comment:

amberlee said...

Sounds like a good day. I hope we will get to see the family picture in the form of a holiday card. I'm trying to convience Bj to do somehting along the same lines. And do you have a hook up for the vaccine. I really want Bj to get one - know any way he can get one? Our doctor doesn't even have the regular flu vaccine.


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