Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Once again, I ignore this for far too long. My bad.

Lately I've felt like cooking. Even when I should be doing things like studying for a microbiology test or weeding out old clothes and toys. Like now, I'd rather look up new recipes instead of cramming for a test covering DNA, metabolism and respiration, and cell structure and nutrition.

Sunday night I cooked chocolate french toast, then ended up making nachos when those were far too sweet.

Monday night I cooked mini B'Steeyas. They were okay, but a little sweet, and you could barely taste the chicken.

Tuesday night I made oven fried chicken.

Today for lunch I made fried rice.

I haven't figured out dinner yet. Leaning towards grilled cheese and soup cuz it just sounds yummy! Plus we're at gymnastics until 645, and the kids go to bed by 830 on Wednesday nights.

I need to download the pics from the camera, but this is already running so slow, I don't want to screw it up more! I do want to post pics since it's been forever.

Well back to homework for now. Must memorize the kreb cycle and DNA replication.

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