Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday

Tink you should totally come to Seattle again. This time I'll make the trek up to visit you :-)

Today is laundry day. My goal is to get it ALL WASHED. This only occurs like twice a year, so wish me luck.

Tonight we have the pinewood derby for cub scouts. The cars didn't do too hot last night, but both kids handled it well. It's just exciting to watch them all race, and I want them to remember that they had fun making their cars, and if they win--sweet! If not, no biggie.

I think I'm going to make crockpot chili. It's a weight watcher recipe and only 2 points. The kids can make tacos out of it (what Jake requested for dinner) and it's healthy, until we add the cheese and sour cream ;-)

I'm off to have a lunch date with Tom, and hopefully top by to meet Tuesday at some point today. Isn't she a cutie??


Chelle Y. said...

Crockpot chili? Must.Need. Recipe!

Tink said...

I would freakin' LOVE that.


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