Friday, January 23, 2009

The weekend

Today Jake is home from school due to a grading day, so he came along for Clara's book party at the montessori school. They do book parties at various milestones. She had her first party today for reading 12 books. She is sooo proud of herself :-)

Now Jake is sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. He hasn't yet complained *fingers crossed*. I just don't get it. Reading and math come so easily to him, yet every time he needs to do homework, it ends in tears(him) and frustration (Tom and I).

This weekend Jake is doing a TAG workshop involving bugs and movement. I think it will be fun :-) Clara is doing a dance camp with a friend from school--she's really excited about it. Sunday they have their AWANA pinewood derby. Monday is the cub scout derby. Hopefully their cars will be winners!

And to update from a few posts ago, I was able to find tickets to DC. The downside is that we'll be flying in and out of Seattle, and in and out of Baltimore. But since it saves us $300 per ticket, the drive is worth it. And we'll have a fun weekend in Seattle prior to leaving.

I'm trying to come up with stuff to do in DC with 3 kids. It's going to be busy with spring break stuff, and I don't like people, so it's gonna be hard to figure it out. We might end up playing alot of Wii and walking to Trader Joe's and riding the metro to random places....

Hopefully we'll see Kim and crew--that would be fun!

Well I'm going to start some laundry so I don't feel *too* lazy today, and then get some picking up done. Then I'll be back to lazy after that.

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Tink said...

I loved Seattle. I can't wait to go back someday. That huge open market with the fruit and flowers the size of my head... HEAVEN.


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