Friday, October 17, 2008

What happened?

It's only 2 weeks from Halloween. It still feels like school just started, but we're SIX weeks in already. Crazy.

Di I think that's a good idea about right before he wants to do something else. Normally we just try to get it done as soon as we get home, hoping that he'll want to finish quickly then move on to playing. I'll see how it works this week.

I can't figure out if we should get a new car or not. We have a 2004 Pontiac Montana. It has 80k miles on it, but it is in fairly good shape. A few scratches, but no dents or accidents or anything. It runs well, no funny noises or what not. And the interior is as good as it can be considering we have 2 kids who are allowed to eat in it. The problem is we still owe about 8k, but it's only worth about 5k. Because of all the crazy good deals on cars due to our LOVELY economy, we could get a GMC Acadia (I've been pining over it for a good 6 months now) for about $40-50 more a month than our current payment.

I feel like the grown-up choice would be to keep the van and run it in to the ground. The downside being we still owe for 2 year worth, and only 20k more miles before the warranty runs out. In Tom's opinion, we're lucky things haven't gone wrong yet (remember he sees what comes in to the shop...). So I dunno. We could basically break even with the van, even though we are in the hole by 3k. But then we're putting no money down on the Acadia, and having a bigger payment when we're really trying to cut back.

What to do. We're sitting at about 75% getting the Acadia. Sigh. I just feel like it's the wrong choice.

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