Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday 10/22

So tree hugging hippies (not really...) end up with a gas guzzling SUV. It's a 2008 GMC Acadia. Black. Not loaded at all. lol. Budget people, budget! It's nice. I drove it over to Seaside, and it was nice. No problems at all passing people at 75 going up hill. Safely of course. And it has full side airbags, which makes me feel even better.

We had fun at the coast, would have been better if Tom had been able to join us. We stayed at the Worldmark site. The weather was either sunny and a bit windy, or raining. And often both with in minutes of each other. Overall, a good trip. The kids had a good time, we only spent $8 at the arcade in 30+ minutes! Using the Christmas present opening idea, 1 person at a time, it really stretched it out.

I worked about 8 hour yesterday, working 13 today, then working graveyard tomorrow and Friday. I need to make a run to blockbuster so I have something to do between 11pm and 7am...If I get movies, I'll be too busy to watch them. If I don't, the ER will be empty ALLLLLL night and I'll be bored.

We got proofs from Clara's school pictures and they turned out cute. I just have no idea what package to order since they are fairly different from A to B to C ect. What's great is the person who took the pictures took our pictures when I was a kid and did sports ect...He must REALLY like taking pictures.

Dexter is getting big. I don't even consider him MY dog. I never see the little brat. And he is a brat. I need to find obedience classes for him, cuz soon he'll be able to flatten either kid with a nudge of his big head.

I should try to pretend to work a bit more, though I really wish I was off in 4 minutes instead of 5 hours....

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