Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Sunday

I slept in. Kind of. Well it would have been more satisfying if I hadn't stayed up until 2am. But when I finally dragged myself out of bed, the kids were leaving for church with my dad. And no, I feel no guilt for sending them to church every Sunday so I can sleep. Then Tom gets to play video games that aren't kid friendly, like GTA.

In an hour or so I'm taking the kids to the county fair with my dad. I think I've already met my quota of fair attendence for the year, but I'm still going today, plus the state fair is in a few weeks. I'm making the kids eat a big lunch before we go, then there won't be nearly as much crap consumed...Tho we WILL get cotton candy. My favorite!

Margo and Mike leave to head back home tomorrow. Clara will be very sad. They are 2.5 years apart, but great friends. I just wish they didn't live 1/2 way around the world. Next summer the plan is for Margo to stay for a month or 6 weeks.

Happy Birthday to my nephew William! Sorry your auntie nemo is such a slacker, you'll get a present, just a little late. My bad.

If anyone needs cable, sign up for comcast and get a free Wii. My advertising for the day.

I'm going to make zucchini bread this afternoon, but I haven't decided on a recipe yet. I can't decide if I want to make a healthy recipe, or a really yummy one...

Okay time to get ready to get hot and dusty and sugared up at the fair.

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