Saturday, August 09, 2008

Glad the week is almost over...

Crazy cousins

Silly kids

Margo and her daddy

I LOVE this picture of Margo. I see so much of Gina in her, and she just looks gorgeous. Ignore the glass....Clara actually took this one.

Self portrait by miss Clara

Still one more shift, but I swear the last 3 days have felt really long. It helped that last night I had a new person to show around. We really just chatted most of the night, but it was nice.

Wednesday I took Mike, Margo, Jake and Clara up to Portland to have a hair cut and lunch with Uncle Ricky. It made for a long day, as I still had to work 5pm-11pm, but I'm glad we did it. All of the pictures are from that.

I haven't been sleeping well. There is a bunch of BS going on involving my little sister and my parents. Just really selfish stupid shit, and I'm getting tired of it. So actually a good thing that I worked today and do tomorrow as well. Then I don't have to be a part of it. I've officially resigned from being an enabler...

I'm sad. Mike and Margo head back to London on Monday. We sure are going to miss them a lot! 10 days is too short a trip. Next summer Margo will stay for 4-6 weeks instead, with Mike bringing her out and staying for a week or so, then one of us flying her back home.

I'm frustrated that I still don't know what my schedule is going to be. I need to know so I can figure out child care for Jake, and what ballet class to get Clara in to, and if we can do club soccer or should stick to parks and rec and yada yada yada. Clue to boss man. Figure it out.

I've started reading again. I think I said that before. I'm about 1/2 way through with 2 for the dough. I got sucked in to the Olympics tho, so didn't have a chance to have my normal 3-4 hour block of paid reading time...

Well off to bed, I plan on sleeping in so I can finish my week strong ;-)


Di said...

I would love to work 5-11, those are my best times away. I am a night owl.

LOVE the self portrait!

Susan's 365 said...

Great pics of the kiddos. Seth has the same shirt Jake is wearing.


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