Monday, July 21, 2008


It came to my attention(thanks Di) that not everyone lives in the middle of blueberry country. I drive by who knows how many acres of blueberry farms everyday on the way to work. I can think of 4 that have business names/farm stands, plus a bunch that are just fields (maybe/probably associated with the businesses). So I'm spoiled because I LOVE LOVE LOVE blueberries. And they are big and ripe and yummy right now.

So if you were lucky enough to be me (lol) and had 2 big flats of ripe, juicy, HUGE blueberries, what would you do with them? I have almost an entire one washed, frozen, and dumped in to gallon sized bags.

Ideas pretty please!

edited to add: Come on peeps, give me some ideas! I found a recipe for a Clafoutis that sounds yummy. And I want to make some sort of buckle or cobbler or something...


Tink said...

Oh rub it in whydontcha? ;)

Chelle Y. said...


I just had some blackberries the other day! They were yummy too!

Di said...

Wish I had some to worry about what to do with them!


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