Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've given up

With trying to read 100 books this year. It's just not gonna happen. I'm at 31 and holding. I have 3 or 4 that I started (a chapter or so each) and I just can't get in to them. And they are all wildly different books, so I think it's just me. In case you're wondering, here are the 31 I've read.

1. Atonement
2. Mommy Tracked
3. Odd Mom Out
4. Jemima J
5. Time travelers wife
6. Secret life of CeeCee Wilkes
7. Under the Banner of Heaven
8. Water for Elephants
9. Guide to Disneyland
10. Body Surfing
11. Remember Me
12. Mommies Behaing Badly
13. Not quite a mom
14. Between, Georgia
15. Tallgrass
16. My sisters keeper
17. The echelon vendetta
18. Shoe addictsp anonymous
19. Certin girls
20. 10th circle
21. All together in one place
22. Hour game
23. Animal, vegetable, miracle
24. Susannah's garden
25. My best friend's girl
26. Best friends
27. Simple genius
28. Want fries with that?
29. Circle of 3
30. the naked earl
31. Plain truth

Maybe I'll aim for 50? That still means reading another 19 books in 25 weeks. I can manage that. I think. I finished Plain Truth on 7/5.....

A friend from long ago got my blog address from her step dad who got it from my dad. I haven't even seen Amber in a good 10 years, so it was a very nice suprise to hear from her. Turns out she is a super crafty girl, and expecting her first child. Check her blog out, she rocks! She not only scraps, but is an amazing photog, avid spinner and knitter, has been re-doing her house from top to bottom, all while running an online store, RibbonJar. Seriously awesome.

Re: my blog from yesterday. I still don't know what the deal is. Feeling kinda blah. Sometimes change is a good thing, but sometimes seeing change in others makes you feel even worse about yourself. Di I REALLY hope I'm not having a mid-life crisis, I hope I live longer than 54....And Chelle I'm sorry ya gotta work tomorrow--I'll think of you!

We went to the local art fair for over 4 hours. The kids and I had alot of fun, make some really cute things, and tried not to spend too much money. It was one of those days where I wished I had a HUGE disposable income to pimp out my house. hehehe

I had my best friend come over for dinner. We BBQed ribs, and she broughts the salads. She also brought her pups over to meet Dexter. They did NOT hit it off. We'll keep introducing them until they're friends. We went for a nice walk after dinner to work off the ribs. Clara did well keeping up and keeping Bailey in line (we left Dex at home to rest).

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the zoo. I'm trying to do more things with them because I can. I won't always have 2-3 weekdays off. Hopefully one day soon I'll have a daytime job instead of swing shift, and at that point I'll miss my days with the kids. My goal is to not talk harshly to either kid the whole time we're at the zoo. Or loose my temper in the car. Let's see if I can handle that..

On that note, I'm off to bed. Want to get atleast 8 hours of sleep before braving the masses in the heat.


Tink said...

You should throw in some really skinny books. ;)

Tink said...

Re: Your comment on my blog...

Sweet! What did you buy? :P


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