Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What to do?

So I'm sitting here at work, bored out of my mind. Everyone leaves by 1030, so I'm flying solo til 7am when I get to leave. I could go hang out in the ER, but that doesn't sound like fun right now. I'm 1/2 assed watching Project Runway, but I missed the first part of it (gasp I had to take an x-ray), so I'm not in to.

I can't get on to facebook. So no scrabble or pictionary. Of course I have a book to read, but I just can't get in to it.

I brought 2 movies to watch, but if I start them now, there is no way I'll stay away until 7am. I have to time it just right ;-)

So the blueberry clafoutis stuff I made last night turned out okay. For some reason it seperated in the oven, almost like it has a crust, then an eggy custard level, then the blueberries on top. It's WAY too sweet tho. If I try to make it again with this batch of blueberries, I'll cut back the sugar some.

I had a doctor's appointment this AM with the dermatologist. Since my dad has had a few moles removed that were melanoma, I decided to go have a check just to get kind of a baseline. Turns out she doesn't want me to wear shorts or a skirt all summer. She gave me tegaderm plus a steroid to cover the "out of control" eczema on my shins. So I look pretty freaking awesome with plastic up and down my shins. Great. And it still freaking itches sooooo bad. I don't know how I can keep this up for a month.

I'm thinking about going to school to become a radiation therapist. It'd be another 2 years of school. I dunno. It is a little crazy because on one hand I wish I could be home more and work less, and on the other I want to learn more and go further with my career. Who knows.

Well I might post more, simply to stay awake later.

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