Friday, May 23, 2008


Here are some bullet points because I'm too wound up for bed.

  • I got to watch ALL of Grey's at work tonight other than about 3 minutes X 2. I had to take an exposure while the other tech was holding a patient, and I had to do wrist x-rays on a different pt. That's all I did between 9 and 11. And before that I did jack shit.
  • Good night, I'd say :-)
  • Oooh and I just got paid 6 minutes ago. That's nice too. We finally caught up our moolah, so it's nice to not be broke.
  • I think I found a couch I like on craigslist. Hopefully I can go look at it tomorrow or Saturday. It's purple. Well plum, but I think it looks nice (from the pics).
  • I finally got Jake's invites sent to school. My bad. I just hope a few of the 12 kids invited can come. We're doing it at home, wish us luck.
  • My house is a fucking pigsty right now. That means I have to do something other than laundry and dishes (all I've done this week). Luckily I don't work until 1, so I'll have a few hours after the kids go to school ALL TO MY SELF. And I'm not going to waste it. Well not ALL of it ;-)
  • Today was my second shift covering CT all alone. Guess how many scans I did? ONE. It was beautiful, but only a head so it didn't challenge me at all. Even though I'm scared shitless about having to do my first PE study, I want to get one done and out of the way so I have some confidence there. I'm just worried about screwing it up and then there is nothing you can do about it.
  • I made reservations for Clara's birthday party. We're having it at the local indoor play place, and it's $$ but not as bad as some options. And it's BETTER than having 15+ preschoolers at my house. That would never ever ever be a "good" idea.
  • The next 3 weeks are packed full o shit. I'm off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I have a physical for next Wednesday. I'm off Friday for Jake's birthday and then his party is that after noon. Clara has her first all cast rehersal Saturday. And the next Saturday. Then the following Saturday is the performance plus her birthday party the morning of. she is going to be exhausted that night.
  • We leave on Clara's birthday for St Louis. We'll be there from 6/17-6/24 then I go straight back to work. Yipee.
  • I haven't worked any extra shifts since mid-march, and I'm not sure if I'm going to go back to picking any up. I think we could get by okay with out it, but we were hurting last week money-wise until we got our tax rebate check...I'll have to play it by ear the next few weeks.

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Di said...

I can't believe you are so busy and still planning birthday parties. Diego is going to be 4 on the 7th and still hasn't had a party. It always sucks for the last kid. We might take him to Disneyland though, we did that for Siobhan. Just him. It should be nice. Enjoy your trip!


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