Sunday, May 25, 2008


Di-I don't think the kids would let me NOT have parties for them :-) Jake's will be at our house, and Clara's will be at an indoor play place. So I have 5 days to get the house in order. I'm debating having a cleaning person come on Friday just so I don't have to scrub everything myself...

It's weird. Sunday is not the start of my weekend instead of the start of my work week. And this weekend especially is nice since Tom and the kids will be home tomorrow too.

Work was up and down yesterday. We were either sitting around with nothing to do, or had 4-5 reqs in a row waiting to go. Not much in the way of CT's to do, but I did have to go to surgery for a bit, but with a good OR team that wasn't bitchy to be in on the holiday weekend.

We're debating going to the zoo tomorrow. I want to do something, but not sure if I want to drive an hour each way to be jam packed with thousands of other people to stare at caged animals...

What are you/did you do for the weekend?

Add on.

I'm watching CSI NY. So much bull shit its not even funny. Just in case you want to know. Mac was using an ultrasound machine, NOT a CT scanner. Portable CT scanners are really quite rare and don't look like an ultrasound machine....Here's what they look like this or this is more common. So by portable they mean in a semi truck that they can park at your hospital for a few weeks. That's what we used. Not one that can be put in to a bank vault.

Carry on.

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X-ray Rocks! said...

I hate it when TV shows get stuff like that wrong!
I can't watch House anymore, because I end up yelling at the TV, "You're a doctor! you can't do CT's, Ultrasounds, sleep studies, AND draw labs, all by yourself!"


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