Saturday, May 10, 2008


So I turned the archives off. Sorry. Being paranoid or something. Whatever.

I'm not happy about work right now. Next week is my last week of working 5/8's. The schedule was FINALLY posted for the week starting 5/18. I thought that's when I'd be going back to my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 12's. But no.

Magically I was changed to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10's. Swing shift 4 days a week. That doesn't really work for me. AT ALL.

So I talk to my boss thinking it was over sight on his part since the last 6 weeks the schedule has been really really jacked up due to training and vacations. Nope, he decided that he wants me to work the end of the week for various reasons which include: he needs another tech who can do CT at the end of the week in the afternoons, the tech now working my shift has chemo on Thursdays, and he just thinks I'll do better there. He NEEDS me to work there.


Soooo...As I'm sitting there trying not to cry after he said he needs me to start next week and can't hold off until mid-June (when t-ball and ballet are over), he decides that maybe it can be 3 12's (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) instead of 4 10's. He also "knows you can't do this long term with family commitments and that things will only get busier for you over time, not less" but none the less he wants me there "through summer."

I guess he doesn't really care that I don't have baby sitting arrangements for those days for the next month, and that the sitter who will watch Jake his summer is already full on Thursdays, but hey, why should he care?

Am I sounding bitter enough yet??

So yeah. I filled out 2 applications online at other hospitals. I don't want to leave, but it made me feel slightly better.

I'm also sad because I'll be working with totally different people. I like these "new" people just fine, but I'll NEVER EVER see the people from my old shift. And that makes me sad. Sad enough that when one stopped by the hospital yesterday afternoon I pulled her aside to talk and that's when the tears came. I felt a little silly, but she understood. Hopefully I'll be working with her again soon.

The only positive about this whole thing is that I WILL get to do more CT working the end of the week than I would at the beginning. The graveyard person I used to work with is very independent, so I wouldn't be too much of a help, where as the new person I work with seems to have more issues, and would have no problem letting me do every CT that came through the door. Plus there is only 1 CT/x-ray during the day Wednesday-Friday where there are 2 on Monday and Tuesday.

I'm assuming this was plenty whiny enough, and very much too long, so I apologize. I think I'll post again right away about much more pleasant things.

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