Saturday, May 03, 2008

The weekend

Thanks for the comments--I just wish I could buy some patience....Do they sell that anywhere?!?!

Clara has been saying home funny stuff lately, but I can't remember any of it off the top of my head. She is so observant, and then draws the funniest comparisons/conclusions.

Jake finally lost the wiggley front tooth. About freaking time. It bugged me our WHOLE trip...

Last nights T-ball game was fun. It just so happened that both teams were sponsered by radiologists. Jake plays for the "other" rad group in town, so last night was vs. the rad group that I work with. None of the Dr's have kids who play t-ball, so I'm guessing the office manager or something does. It was funny none the less.

In about 20 minutes Tom and I are leaving for Bend. We were going to drive over last night, but didn't have anyone to take Jake to t-ball. And now I'm sitting here waiting for him to get home from work. We're going for a wedding, and it doesn't start until 4 so we're not really in a hurry, I'm just tired of waiting...

Well that's all that's really going on around here. I'm enjoying working 730-4 M-F but it does wear ya out by Friday AM. 3 days a week is nice. I'm learning alot, getting really good at starting IV's without making a huge bloody mess, and really feeling alot more comfortable with our CT machine. 2 more weeks of banker hours then I switch back. It actually works out well because this way I only end up missing 2 of Jake's t-ball games instead of 6 or 7 (due to work Monday and Tuesday nights).


Chelle Y. said...

When you find out where you can buy patience, please let me know, okay?

I read your other post. I think we all feel like failures sometimes. I know you are not! :)

X-ray Rocks! said...

Just found your blog and added it to my blogroll!


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