Saturday, May 10, 2008


See prior post for a bitchfest regarding my job.

  • Jacob is really enjoying t-ball. They started coach pitch last night and he got a hit every time up to bat. The problem was he would swing at everything, so over 1/2 of his hits were pretty weak due to poor pitching. Sorry coach...haha
  • I think Clara is liking ballet, but due to me working days I haven't seen her dance since before spring break. Luckily it's almost the end of the year (her recital is June 14th) so next fall we'll be moving up a level and changing classes, so it won't matter she won't be with the same kids (due to me working Thursdays now).
  • I didn't ever update about Disneyland. We all had a lot of fun. We spent too much money, but it was actually a fairly relaxing vacations other than the drive down and back. I'm glad we stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel, it was so freaking convienent.
  • Jake's favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and I think Clara liked just about everything. She was willing to try every ride atleast once, where Jake was much more cautious. So Clara went on Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and loved Splash Mountain, where Jake hated Splash (atleast at first) and refused to ride the rest plus California Screamin' or Indy.
  • We've been cooking alot more. Our grocery bills have been high, but fast food consumption has been very very low. They just opened a Sonic (first one in the area), so we've had that a couple of times.
  • Tom and I got to spend last weekend over in Bend for a wedding. It was a nice time, we drank way too much, and had a really yummy breakfast. All quiet and relaxing. Other than when he insisted on watching Verminator on Discovery channel....
  • Jake's birthday is only 3 weeks away, and now the plans are shot to hell due to my shift changing. I think we'll have his party on his birthday (I found someone to work that day for me). No idea what we're doing yet, but it'll be fun I'm sure :-)
  • Clara's birthday is just over a month away. I wanted to have her party at home, but we went to a party held in someone's home today (the first one we've ever been to that wasn't held at a "place"), and there is no way we can compete. It was a princess party that was put on by a party thrower person. It was great, but not even close to our prince range....
  • Well I'm hitting the sack now, this whole getting up at 6am 5 days a week sucks. It makes me tired all the time.

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Di said...

I totally forgot you were coming down here. I was hoping to meet you. Disneyland is about 5 minutes away from me. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Post some pictures!


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