Friday, May 30, 2008

My Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Jacob! I can't believe he's SEVEN today. Geez, where does time go? Well I know. It gets wasted away in 30-60 minute television shows, or 10 games of scrabble on facebook, or working an extra shift or two at the hospital. Makes me rethink my life a bit.

I'm glad it's summer, in a few short weeks school will be out and the weather will be consistantly nicer. I'll have 3-4 days a week with the kids instead of 1 and a 2-3 1/2 days. We have plans to go to St Louis in a few weeks. Other than that we don't have any big trips planned, but I am planning on taking the kids to the beach a few times. My parents have an apartment there, and I think it would be a fun little adventure.

I know I touched on this before, but I'm having mixed feelings about not working extra shifts anymore. On one hand it's great. I have my 3-4 days a week, and nothing else. On the other, I miss the extra money (but we are doing just fine with out it), and I miss working with those peeps at the clinic and the "other" hospital. I'm staying current at both places, but have no immediate plans to work, and would like to keep it that way through the summer.

I'm pissed at Tom for not doing anything yesterday. NOTHING. The clothes were still where I had put them, the dishes not done. Hell Clara even spilled on the freshly cleaned carpet. Sigh. And the patio looks like blah....

So some stuff on my birthday boy. He's lost 4 teeth now. He looks like a vampire per Clara. He still likes his video games, mainly pokemon and super mario bros. He's rockin' t-ball. He's in heaven now that its coach pitch instead of off the T. That kid LOVES to read. Doesn't really matter what he's reading, but he'll stay up late if we don't turn every single light at that end of the house off. Jake was tested at a 4th grade reading level, but only a 1st grade writing level. Apparently he gets bored easily. lol. He doesn't enjoy the repetition that mastering writing demands. Though if its creative writing, he does much better. He still loves to snuggle and atleast once a week ends up in our bed by morning time. I love you buddy!

Well off to finish getting the house ready for the party tonight. I still have to wrap all of Jake's presents, buy all the snacky foods, and do a once over on the house. Basically hiding shit in the garage. YAY.

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