Saturday, May 31, 2008


Holy Allergies. UGH. I should get shots I think...

Party=sucess! I'm pretty sure fun was had by all. Tears only sprung once, all got wet and grassy, and lots of pizza, chips, pop and cake was consumed. And I think all the parents had date night. Not together obviously. lol. Otherwise I would have felt left out.

We had t-ball this morning. Jake had some good hits, and got a fly ball. He was SO proud of himself. Surpised, but proud :-)

Tomorrow we're having the family party. Loads of folks at our house. We're BBQing, so hopefully the weather will stay nice. We still don't have any patio furniture, I've been scouring craigslist, but have come up empty handed so far. My parents are going to let us borrow their stuff, they want to pressure wash their deck anyways, so its a win win situation.

Well off to do MORE work. What's the deal, I mean x-rays are really getting in the way of my scrabble play today....

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Susan's 365 said...

So glad he had a great birthday. Where did you have his party?


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