Friday, May 30, 2008

my brain hurts

re: :LOST. arg. some questions answered. lots more created. but that doesn't surprise me...

the house cleaner did a good job. She stayed for 2.5 hours. didn't do super deep cleaning, but I didn't really expect that. we might see about trying to budget it for a regular thing. Kim it doesn't suprise me that yours is more $$ just due to difference in cost of living.

the carpet smells worse now that it was cleaned. damn dog. wish me luck trying to freshen it up before tomorrow.

wow I think this sleep aid will help. I just took it 10 mins ago and I'm already a bit woozy when I close my eyes. It's rozerem or something like that. I just can't stay up til 2-3am and get up at 7am with the kids. it kills me. damn swing shift.

my boy is officially 7 today. Sigh. and he's missing both front teeth.

Off to cuddle him then hit the sack.

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