Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TGI Tuesday (my friday!!)

Em the casserole was really easy. Leftover turkey mixed with frozen veggies and a can of cream o chicken soup plus a little milk to smooth it out. Top with mashed taters (mine were mashed with cream cheese so super rich and yummy :), then cover with sliced cheddar cheese. I cooked it for about an hour at 350 and then it was bubbly and melty.

I hear a rumor that the sides are reaching an agrement in the strike, but it if it doesn't happen quickly, they might not shoot the rest of Scrubs! I'd be so sad :-( The show producers are trying to atleast get them filmed, even if they are just direct to DVD.

Well 18 minutes and I'm outta here. YAY :) It's been a busy, long 3 days. I don't work again until Friday and only for 5 hours then...

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Di said...

Ah, the strike. It is all we hear about here!


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