Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'm back home. Didn't get nearly as much stuff done this evening as I had hoped, but had lots of snuggle time with Clara, so that's okay :)

I ended up only getting 20 pages done at the crop, but that's not too bad considering I wasn't prepared with pages kits/ideas like I normally am. It was nice to see my sisters roommate (she came all the way to Seattle from Washington DC just to scrapbook with me :).

I'm waiting for the laundry to finish drying so I can get that folded. I still haven't done any packing yet, mainly because all of our suitcases are at my parents house. So I need to stop by in the morning to get one, and then I guess tomorrow night and Tuesday AM I can pack before work. I get off at 11pm Tuesday night, and we have to leave for the airport at about 445/5am Wednesday.

I am hoping the kids will be up for letting me sleep on the plane. I am soooo close to buying Clara a game for the nintendo DS so both her and Jacob will be occupied. The problem is she can barely read, so she'd end up needing help to play.

I'll try to post again before we leave, but chances are I won't post again until we're in (hopefully) sunny Florida :)


Di said...

Oh I can help! Little Enstiens (sp?) it is GBA but plays in the DS requires no reading. I think there are some words on there but Diego skips them. There are Dora games too that the reading can be skipped. DO IT!


Doodah Girl said...

Have fun in Florida!! I hope you all get a chance to take your mind off things. Sam loves Mario Kart--No reading required! ;) I'm jealous of the crop. I barely get 10 pages done--I would love to do 20!


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