Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There are very few complaints about Jake being in 1st grade. The biggest is having to get up early EVERY day. Monday-Friday I have to get up at 730, even if I didn't get home from work until midnight. Almost every Saturday he's had a 9am game, so again up at 730. Sundays I "sleep in" until 8am because I work at 10. It sucks.

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I have tried to cut back on my computer time, except at work, and this site is restricted, plus I don't want them to know the link :) I've taken up playing scrabble over at facebook.

Tomorrow I work for a few hours in the morning, and then I leave for Seattle. I'm going to the creating keepsakes convention and the croptime retreat. I'm really looking forward to it, but I know it's going to be hard on Clara. I won't see her after tonight until Sunday evening, then I work 11-11 Monday and Tuesday. Atleast next Wednesday is when we leave for Florida, so she'll have a week of mommy time there, plus I have 3 days off when we get back.

Well I gotta get some stuff done around here. My aunts, dad, and brother are coming over for pizza and to carve pumpkins before we go trick or treating. Hope everyone has a happy halloween!


Di said...

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Is there someone who could take him to school and you could pick up instead? Maybe that way you could sleep longer.

Chelle Y. said...

The other night I was with my sister and her family carving pumpkins and we had an earthquake! Yay, fun! :)

Have a great time at the convention!


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