Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Thougts needed

Out of the blue, my sister went in to labor. She's not due until December 25th, but her water broke early this morning.

They don't anticipate any complications, but she's only 33 weeks, and are looking at a 3-4 week nicu stay.

I'll update once I get to Florida and we have more info I'll update.

thanks for the input on games--I ended up just getting Clara a new v-smile game (the backyardigans) and Jake super mario 64 for his DS. I got myself the Trauma ds game--it's fun :) I think I spent almost 4 hours playing it at work today. We were a leetle slow...


Chelle Y. said...

One time, Brendan left one of his Webkinz games on the screen and I spent about an hour playing it! Yeah, I'm loser! Haha!

Di said...

Okay seriously I live for my DS. We bought it for the kids, yeah right. They ask if they can play "No, I might play later" ha ha!

The newest game I have is Lost in Blue 2. Love it! Find somewhere by you that sells them used. Great deals!


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