Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend update

Jacob had a good first week at school. There are a few kids on our block in his class, as well as 1 or 2 kids from his soccer team. He also had his first soccer game this AM and did really well. He didn't cry at all! Much improvement over how practices have gone so far.

Clara is happy to be back in the flow of going to school. She likes her new teacher, and was happy to see her friends again. She's gotten very loud. All the time. It's her only form of communication and its very frustrating. She's also been having a hard time playing with her cousin Margo. Margo just follows her around and it makes Clara angry. I feel for her because Margo can be very aggravating as I'm not used to having a special needs kiddo all the time.

Work is going okay. I'm working too much, but only for the next week. Last week I worked Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night graveyard, Friday afternoon at the clinic. This next week I work Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night graveyard, Friday AM, then Friday afternoon. I think I'll be dead by Friday night.

Well we're trying to find a babysitter at the last moment, but I don't think that will happen. Sigh. It sucks not having anyone to watch the kids.

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Chelle Y. said...

I am happy the hear that things are going well with the kids at school. That always leaves pressure off of us parents! :)


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