Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's my fault HOW?!?!

Tom had an interview today for a job an hour away with no traffic, probably more like 90 minutes during what would be his normal drive time. The shift is for 9am-6pm. Somehow it's my fault because I told him that wouldn't work for our family.

If he were to take said job, he'd need to leave by 730, 745 at the latest, and not be home until after 7pm. 5 days a week. Remember I'm gone 2 weeknights and he has to pick Clara up by 530pm plus Jake has soccer Tuesday nights at 530pm.

But because I was the one who reminded him of this, I'm holding him back. I want him to be stuck in a dead end job. "It's okay for you to work whatever shift you want, but not me" remember he was the one who has been freaking out about money and telling me to get any shifts I can...........

I am so frustrated by this. I don't know why he even applied for it in the first place. This is the second fucking time he's done this (applying for jobs he can't realisticlly drive to) and he always blames me for him not being able to take it.

Right now he works 7am-430pm but the dealership is only 15 minutes away. He gets up early while everyone else is still asleep, then gets to be home for dinner every night. In short, its the perfect shift at a place close by. And they don't pay horribly, he just doesn't like it. And there are rumors it might be for sale soon. But there is no reason that he needs a new job NOW (he was the one who said that).

Add the above to the fact that he was gone all morning at this interview (left at 9am got home at 1pm) Then I took the kids to my parents house and park all afternoon (2pm-6pm), and then at 630pm I took the kids to a minor league baseball game. So he's had virtually ALL day to himself.

Guess what he did?

Nothing. Not one fucking thing. Even though before I left I hinted at him to do some shit. Then when I called about 20 mins before I got home to see what he wanted for dinner, I again said do something. hahaha he said.

And then he did nothing again while we were gone from 630pm-1030pm. NOTHING.

I am so pissed off right now. Like to the point I want to throw something through his new baby (the plasma screen TV).


Di said...

Yeah, frustrating. He is probably just mad he doesn't have many opportunities closer to home. It does suck when you have to be the one to figure out if it will work though. He should be able to understand that he can't come home so late. Not to mention all that driving will get to him eventually!

Kimmykay said...

Men are dorks. Jeff is the same way when it comes to doing stuff around the house. I swear he thinks cause he cleaned the kitchen once then all is good. Like I have to clean it 4-5 times a day. sigh. I hope everything settles down for you.

Kimmykay said...

Oh, and all things are MY FAULT. I swear it is a male gene or something. Last week was the worst. I was burning.


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