Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sorry I've been wandering off, too busy to post....things are going okay, except for the house thing which can burn in fucking hell. After waiting SOOOOOOO long for the seller to do their shit, our mortgage broker dropped the fucking ball. Tom spent all morning on the phone to a couple of different banks, and he's meeting with someone tomorrow.

After all this time of trying to make sure we have enough money to qualify for loans, it turns out we might make too much to qualify for the bond program we want. But really the only reason why we wouldn't qualify is because I worked alot of overtime last month. fuck. oh well. Find out more tomorrow I guess. Doesn't help that I can only find 2 of my last 4 paystubs. I think I threw the other 2 out....oops.

Jake and Clara's birthday party is on Sunday. So far we have 1 no, 7 yes's, and like 10 unknowns. I'll be fine if no one else shows up....9 kids is a good size :) We're having it at a pizza place that might be similar to chuck e cheese, but not nearly as large or overwhelming. And this one has mini-golf. So it should be fun.

I was called to see if I could work on Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Of course the birthday party starts at 2pm on Sunday....I told the lead tech that I could possibly swing 5pm, but no way could I work at 4pm. Plus I'm working graveyard that night at the other hospital, so it would probably kick my ass. I think I'm going to get worked out these next couple of months...if that happens, I already have plans to take it easy the month of August. I told the clinic I work at that if they still need me, I don't want to work full time (like I am in July). The boss lady said that was fine, and she understands. So knowing me, I'll still work 4-5 days a week, but hopefully the clinic days will be 4 or 6 hour shifts, and the hospital days will be nights or graveyards so I can spend time with my kiddos.

Time for bed, yawn.

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