Saturday, June 09, 2007

Da Weekend

Last night we dropped the kids off at the babysitters house (my best friend and her 14 yr old daughter) and we went to see Ocean's 13. It was good. Not as good as 11, but much better than 12. After that we went to the Roadhouse for snacks and drinks. Nothing beats a 32oz hill billy punch, though it was a little strong on the sweet n sour, but did the trick none the less.

Now we're about to leave to go pick up the kiddos and head to Jake's t-ball party. There is supposed to be a carnival afterwards, but it doesn't look to promising outside. We're also going to go shopping for the goody bags for their party tomorrow. I might try to go solo for that because I can see disaster occuring with both kids tagging along.

The party tomorrow so far as 8 boys and 2 girls coming. I'm not sure how it got so unbalanced, but there is only 1 boy from the class not coming, and 3 girls not coming. So I guess their class is just out of balance or something...I think both Jake and Clara will have fun...Clara's 2 best friends are coming, so thats all that matters :)

Hope everyone is having a kick ass weekend! I'll be posting more this week, I work graveyard Sunday-Thursday night so probably looking for stuff to kill time....

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