Friday, June 01, 2007


Holy shit I have a six year old. When the heck did Jacob get that old??!!?? I remember when he was just a tiny little guy, and now he wants to sit and play Nintendo DS for hours on end, or sit and read his science encyclopedia, or go out and hit pitches to practice for t-ball. Time just FLIES these days....And Clara will be 4 in just 2 weeks. Crazy. It's hard because we're not having anymore kidlets, and she's getting so grown up. She's starting to read, writing better, she runs SO FAST, and is just a kid now, not my baby girl anymore. Work is going okay, if by okay I mean I don't have a real job yet. I'm working at 2 hospitals and a clinic, and it's keeping me at about 40-50 hours, but not much overtime due to moving around so much. It's hard to keep track of all the different protocols, procedures, computer systems, and doctors at each site. I had an interview the other day that went well, and could turn out to be a very good thing if I get the job (it wouldn't start until August or September). I've also gotten information from a number of people who work for staffing agencies for traveling techs, and if I have to, I will peruse that route.

We are supposed to, hopefully, maybe, be moving Father's day weekend. I dunno. It's past the point of being cool and exciting, I just want to fucking move already. Tom brought home more boxes since we filled up most of them last weekend. Okay so 1/2 of them are filled with shit to get rid of either via a garage sale or donations, but still. Packing and cleaning none the less.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the zoo (again, we just went on Wednesday for Jake's birthday) and if we make it home in one piece with out heat stroke, I'll be happy. Tom is doing a bike ride, so I get to deal with 2 kids alone, where as on Wednesday it was 3 kids and 5 adults. That ratio is much better than the 2 adults and 3 kids I'm going to have tomorrow.

So I think that's enough boring updates for now, yes? Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend.

Oh and a few TV complaints. Fuck CBS for dropping Jericho, they suck. LOST was sweet the end of this season, but having to wait until JANUARY for new episodes sucks ass. I liked how The Office ended, but the show will have to end soon now because the whole reason the show is good is because of the Pam/Jim tension and friendship. Dating ALWAYS ruins that :-) Grey's Anatomy was a snooze...bitter people with bitter ends, stupid. Though I'm glad the bad ass from Prison Break will be on the "breakout show" so we'll watch it for him.

Okay now, carry on, enjoy your weekend :)


Chelle said...

Your kids....awe!

Agent M said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!
Re: Pam and Jim. They could go for years and years with the wedding and babies and all that stuff. There's plenty of comedy and drama potential there!

Mary said...

thanks chelle :)

but M then it takes away from the whole 'office' show....I dunno. we'll have to see where it goes...

Cat Herder said...

I can't believe they're all six. Holy guacamole.


Happy birthday, J-dawg!


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