Wednesday, January 17, 2007


so this week is kind of dragging by, but at the same time I don't remember much about it.

Some stuff went down at work that was not cool. Didn't really effect me, but really really effected another student. I feel badly about it, but if what happened is true, it's their own damn fault.

I turned in a transfer request for the part time job I've been obesessing about. I still haven't gotten a straight answer about it, but it sounds like if "they" can, they'll hire me. Worst case scenario is I continue to work causually, but as a technologist, not a tech ($$ is about 25% higher that way). There is more shifting going on, but not just at our hospital. I work for a group of hospitals, and our department director, oversees the imaging department at another hospital. I really get the feeling that she is trying to find a place for me, I just hope it's not on swing shift....

I love listening to Clara play. I got her a doll house on clearance at Target last week, and opened it up for her tonight.

"Oh sweetie you can't push your baby down the stairs"

"Honey its time to get up for school sleepy head!"

"Daddy are you going to the party?-good, okay babies time to get up!"

right before the last one, Jake had been playing too and wouldn't let Clara as the mommy, wake up the babies. But then he ran off to go do something else, and as soon as he was gone, she worked the situation so the babies could wake up ;)

Jake drew this awesome picture of a mouse holding a piece of cheese in a yellow room with a Christmas tree and presents, me laying in bed, Clara jumping out of bed, Tom putting a movie in, and Jake watching it all. Too bad he did it on a dry erase board. I had also gotten the Spark Art Easel on clearence, and Jake LOVES it.

Well I gotta hit the sack. I like getting off work at 430, but I don't like waking up at 6. I took 2 tylenol PM's about an hour ago, so hopefully I'll fall asleep shortly after getting in bed.


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

My DD is forever telling me to keep her bedroom door closed b/c her "babies" are asleep and she doesn't want the bugs to get in.


Di said...

Be strong. I am sure soon you will get a nice, well paying steady schedule and life will settle down some (well at work anyway!)


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