Saturday, January 13, 2007

Too cold

As I sit here with goose bumps typing this, I've decided its too damn cold in Oregon right now. Geez. I don't like temps in the teens or low 20's. It blows.

I had a pretty good week at work. I came out and asked if I was even being considered for the job that is open, and was told yes, so that made me happy. someone called in sick yesterday, so I got to work 9am-330pm as a student, then 330pm-930pm as a tech. Today I just worked 9-530 as a student, then went and scrapbooked from 630-11. I only got 5 pages done, but I wasn't prepared at all, and spent some time sorting pictures.

This weekend we are gonna head to the zoo I believe. Still cold of course, but I'll wear a long sleeved shirt, sweat shirt, and a jacket, so I think I'll live. I'll make the kids wear the same, and just ignore their whining--just think of the kid from A Christmas Story--that will be Jake and Clara on Sunday at the zoo, unable to move their arms.

I get paid tomorrow, which rocks. It won't be much, but enough to pay my "big" credit card payment that is due next Friday. Still trying to figure out how to get everything else paid, that needs to be, by Monday. If only things could hold out til NEXT Monday--that's when the next loan check comes.

I'm kinda nervous about having less than 2 months left of school. I hope I can make a smooth adjustment from student to tech with few problems, where ever I end up at.

Okay my fingers are numb, off to bed. Have a rockin' weekend everyone!


Di said...

oh my gosh, and here I was complaining because it is only supposed to get up to 57 degrees here. Of course we are used to a nice 76 or so. I love that "I can't put my arms down" and of course the mom replys "You can put your arms down when you get to school". ha ha I LOVE that!

Long shift! Man, 12 and a half hours. YIKES!

Mary said...

It's not a bad shift if we are steady. What sucks is if we are slammed, or dead. On Thursday I got paid to watch: My name is Earl, The OFfice, and Scrubs. Finished the last exam at 730, then sat around til 930.....

Chelle Y. said...

It's so cold here too, Mary! What's up with that!?!

G said...

its freakin cold here...i hate winter (why did i fall in love with a canadian lol?? let alone move up here?)


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