Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Kind of Job and more

So I didn't get that job I wanted. They went with the more experienced guy. I'm bummed. I understand the thinking, to a degree, but it still makes me pissy.

First off this guy didn't show up for work TWO days in a row, and didn't return calls from the lead tech. Secondly he doesn't WANT a part time job, he wants a full time job, and not one as a tech, but as a manager. If he's told them otherwise, he's full of shit. He's told me how he would do things "if he was in charge." He had been a manager for about 5 years and was fired, then didn't work until he was hired at my hospital. So whatever.

I didn't get that job, but they want to keep me on as a casual tech for now. They can't promise me a certain amount of hours, but they are pretty sure that I'll be keeping busy. I'm willing to give this a shot for like 6 months, and if nothing happens in that time in regards to benefits, then I'll start looking else where. They are also going to acclimate me another hospital that's about 20 minutes away from the current one. Also on the table is cross training in mammography so I can work in that department. I'm all up for whatever they are willing to do to help me in the long run.

I know that their primary interest is keeping themselves covered, but I can show them that I'm willing to work my ass off. Plus they really need a chick for certain shit, as now every single female works graveyard or casually, and there are some exams that just have to be done by females or with females present. So that gives me an advantage. It would be nice to start with benefits and stuff, but whatever.

This last week was just odd. The guy who got screwed for maybe not getting screwed, is now gone from the program. He messed up. It's his own poor judgement that did him in, but it's still really fucked up.

Yesterday was our anniversary. I worked for a few hours in the morning, then Tom and I went up to Portland for the evening. We went to one of our favorite restuarants, Jake's Crawfish, then stayed at this overpriced, trendy hotel. Overall it was fun, but the hotel wasn't really worth the money. It was nice to eat dinner and be able to talk about stuff without making 5 potty trips. And to sleep through the night, wonderful :)

Well I gotta head to bed, as much as I like getting off of work at 430pm, I hate waking up at 6am. I am just not a morning person.


hepmomto3 said...

OOooooo - you slept through the night!?!? How cool is that! LOL Glad you got some time to yourselves and sorry about the job. Hopefully they'll see the error of their ways.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the job...I'm searching for a job as a student right now so maybe I can have one when I graduate. Jobs here are few and far between. Good Luck!

Mary said...

Yes Emma it was awesome. TWO nights in a row as a matter of fact. Last night both kids slept in their own beds (okay both in Jake's....*blush*) ALLLLLLLL night. It was wonderful.

Dawn are you an x-ray student as well? 'round these parts there are jobs out there, but there are lots of techs too. Just in Oregon there are 100 new students each year, but definatly not 100 new jobs. I am going to apply for some casual positions and hope that with in 6 months I'll have a benefited position.

thanks for reading!

Dawn said...

I am an xray student. I'm in my 4th semester, we have summer off and graduate in Dec. We have lots of "new" techs as well around here but we have issues with jobs because you don't have to be licensed in's just crap'ole. My student blog is @

Mary said...

Dawn I tried logging in to your site, but keep getting an error. It says it's password protected.... I'd love to ad dyou to my list of blogs to read!

Agent M said...

Sorry about the job, hon.
The pics are so cute!

Di said...

Hey, things always work out for a reason. That means the job of your dreams is right around the corner. You just wait it will happen. Happy Anniversary.

paradise.found said...

Sounds like you've got the right attitude. The guy who took the job you wanted doesn't. Good for you on the Portland trip; we all need little islands of temporary escape.


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