Sunday, November 05, 2006


It's really November. The wind is strong, and we've finally gotten our good ol Oregon rain happening. Too bad Tom didn't happen to clean out the gutters, oh well....they don't overflow near the porch or sidewalk, so it can wait for a not rainy day.

Something about the fall makes me want to cross stitch. This is the piece I've been working on. I only have the sund, clouds, and green part of the trees, plus outlining, to go. I figure I'll finish it in the next week or so. I MIGHT even try to start a new project, but I don't know. I enjoy cross stitching, but I don't have much free time. I find myself doing it while watching TV because it doesn't take my full attention.

My brain is fried trying to remember all of the technical stuff for school. We've started reviewing and apparently I've forgotten most of what I know regarding film screen speed, grid conversions, and schematics of x-ray equipment. Oh well. I just know where I really need to focus now.

My parents left this weekend for England. Gina goes in to the hospital tomorrow, and the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday AM. I'm nervous for her, and worried about the surgery in general. She's tried to quit smoking, but never did 100%. It's the little things I tend to freak out about.

Safeway, atleast in Oregon, has this kickass deal right now. Buy any 10 betty crocker items and save $10 instantly. Well all the betty crocker cake mixes are on sale buy one get one free. So for $1.38 today I got 6 cake mixes and 4 frostings. I could have gotten all cake mix for free, but I wanted to get frosting because what good is cake without it?!?! :)

Let's see...what else to talk about....I just read the Red Tent. It was pretty good. I like books set in historical settings, especially ones I don't have that much knowledge of. Sure I know lots of bible stories, but this was good. At little over the top on sex, but whatever. They had to do something to make it sell...I'm *still* slogging through Freddy and Fredrika. It's not a bad book, but not one you want to keep reading and not put down. I've never just quit a book before, so I feel like I HAVE to finish it.

I think that's all that's been going on round these parts. Tom is kinda pissy because I work the shit shift this week, so he's flying solo with the kids everyday, and then next weekend I'm signed up for a weekend scrapbooking thingy. It starts Friday at 6pm and goes till 4pm on Sunday. I don't plan on going until Saturday AM, but again, he'll have the kids all weekend. In a total reversal of situations, I actually owe HIM alone time. WTF is the world coming to?!?

Well I'm off to bed. I always drag in the AM on our "late days" and I really don't want the kids to be late at all this week--they are either the first ones there at just after 7am, or we walk in the doors as the kids are sitting down at 9am...sweet.


Chelle Y. said...

I loved cross-stitching when I was a teenager. I have not done it in years!

I hope the surgery goes well for Gina. Keep us posted, and I will be praying for her!

Mary said...

I haven't cross stitched in a long time either..

I'll update tomorrow as soon as I hear from my parents. The surgery is at noon England time, so 4am PST.


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