Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Pretty boring day.

Got to watch a sinogram. That's where they inject contrast in to a sinus to see where it goes. Sinus being a wound of some sort. The poor lady thought she was having a SONOgram...she was pretty nervous when I explained the inject part. Luckily it went smoothly.

The morning was nice and steady, but the afternoon was dead.

I'm almost done with my comps. I have 2 mandatory's (surgery and sinuses--surgery I want a bit more practice and I'm just waiting for a sinus to come through........) and 3 electives left. I was talking to the lead tech about this today, and he was thinking that I could get my temp license as soon as I had those done. Which would kick ass. Sure I wouldn't work that much, but every little bit helps. Esp in the winter when we don't have nearly as much going on activity wise. I'm all for getting paid...

I'm glad Lost started up again. I'm typing this on commercial breaks since the DVR won't let me fast forward through them. Damnit.

I have 10 hours of TV to watch. I have no idea when it's going to happen.

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