Monday, October 02, 2006


Maybe I've been spoiled because I've been at such a small hospital, but it's throwing my off that there are going to be some big changes in personnel. Basically just some musical chairs, a day shift to graveyard, graveyard to swing, swing to dayshift.

But it's bugging me.

For one thing, on the days our part-time day shift chick is working in mamm's, I'll be the only female til 330pm. Not a huge deal, but too much testosterone can suck. I work with a bunch of jokey types, but it gets a little old "oh Mary will do it".

I like the dayshift gal. And now I'll NEVER see her. I mean I've never even MET the graveyard guy who is switching to swing...and now I'll have to work with him full shifts every 3rd week.

I'm just a bitcher, sorry. I don't like change. On one hand I'm not sure if I want to work here when I'm finished with school. Everyone has been here for so long, and I'm not sure I'd fit in. Plus things are done a certian way, which doesn't always seem 'right' to me. But I'm scared shitless of going somewhere else. Well going somewhere else and not being up to snuff. I don't want to fail.

'Nuff of that talk. I'm off to bed. Well to watch TV in bed.....


Tink said...

I completely understand the "too much testosterone" bit... Believe me. You're ALLOWED to bitch. :)

Mary said...

I'll be bitching aplenty.

I was baited today, and totally fell for it. Damn it. All about Walmart. Ugh. Ineed to just keep my mouth shut sometimes.

ArizonaDB said...


Thanks for the support. Some days its pretty hard being the student and feeling absolutely useless and in the way. But other days I have my own mini-triumphs and everything seems like it will turn out OK.

Thanks for the comment and I understand about not being able to comment much. At least I know someone is reading. ;-)

Good luck with school and everything.

Chelle Y. said...

Change can be scary, but it can be a good thing too! :) Good luck with it!


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