Sunday, October 15, 2006


I think I posted about getting a new couch. We had to rearrange our room to make everything fit. We also bought a desk that is quite a bit smaller than the current one. So I spent about 2 hours putting the new desk together last night while watching CSI and Jericho.

The desk has these little decorative "iron" legs. While Tom was helping me tip it up, one of them got scraped across my first distal metatarsal (base of the big toe). It hurt to fucking bad. I think I said fuck about 30 times in less than a minute. Also involved screaming into a pillow, and a wee little bit of crying.

Today I have a scratch and a bruise the size of a quarter, and pain when I walk. Doesn't matter if I'm wearing flipflops or closed toe shoes, it still fucking hurts. This week is just going to be great. If it is still painful tomorrow, I might have someone x-ray it just to make sure I didn't chip the bone.

Tom and I had a long talk last night and things are a bit better. It's just the strain/stress that comes when I have to work the 1pm-930pm shift. And for the next 2 months, I work that shift every other week....but then shortly after that I have 2 weeks off, so we just need to be aware of what's going on and try to stop it from getting *bad*.

I hope anyone who happens to be reading, has a great Monday!

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Chelle Y. said...

I am glad to hear that things are not so "bad" right now for you. Marriage is hard enough without all the added stress.

Sorry about your big toe. It's amazing how "little" our toes are, yet when they are hurt, it is major! I broke my little toe once, and I could not walk right for weeks! (Well, I cannot walk right much anyway, but it made it worse! LOL)


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