Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hanging in there

Things are *ok* for now. We emailed a bit about what I was upset about, and came to terms with stuff. Things are still a little on edge, but we sat together and watched Jericho and Shark tonight, and that was nice. Except for Clara coming out every 5 minutes because Jake fell asleep and she was bored....

I've decided I need to get serious about losing weight. It's not cool that my back hurts sometimes, and if I wasn't overweight, then it wouldn't be as big of a deal with moving patients who are overweight. It'd be alot less stress on my body.

We have way too much stuff in our house, and I've been trying to get rid of it. I hear it's all MY crap, but whatever ;) He's the one who doesn't want me to put our old desk out in the front yard with a FREE sign on it, doesn't want me to put in on the back patio because it'll never leave, yet is too busy to make a dump run to get rid of it. WTF. Seriously. Just get it the fuck out of my living room.

This week I work 1pm-930pm. Good and bad. Good because we can sleep in until 8am. Bad because Tom and I will undoubtetly fight. Good because I can get more stuff done with the free time each day. Bad because I always end up wasting alot of time, and miss my kiddos.

So there you have it. My oh so exciting life. Good news though, the Cards won game 1--YAY! Detroit isn't spankin' em yet!

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Chelle Y. said...


And, how did someone from Oregon end up being a Cardinal's fan? :)


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