Thursday, September 21, 2006


It was better than Tuesday. Nothing outragous was said, but I still was walking on eggshells. I HATE having to do that.

Then being the true dumbass that I am, I made a comment as I was leaving that "Atleast today was better than yesterday!" to 2 of the techs I like and have a good relationship with. They of course inquired why I said that, so I told them a couple of things that happened. One had over heard on the whole no drinking before a KUB discussion, and was appalled.

Well one of those techs decided to go and talk to the director of imaging right then and there about false information being given to the students. Sigh. She said she didn't name any names, and almost everyone overheard the KUB comments, but I still see it being pointed directly back to me. Remember the instructor doesn't take critisism well...

So I'm starting today like yesterday, my stomach a ball of knots, worried about what's going to happen when I get to work.

I hate this bullshit.

Thanks for the thoughts Chelle, Shanna and Di! Being picked on sucks ass. ;)


Anonymous said...

((((((((((Mary)))))))))) I hope you enjoy your scrapbooking retreat. That should ROCK and you deserve some fun time. Sorry that guy is being such an a$$.

Tink said...

Oh no... *Groan* I hate when people try to "fix" things by making them worse! I hope your weekend goes well though. Relax and DO NOT think of work.


Di said...

just remember, if it comes back to you, it is NOT your fault. First off that guy shouldn't be giving you such a hard time but he FOR SURE should not be telling you things that are not true. You can't help if someone else told. You have no control over someone else. Let the person who is wrong worry about it. It will turn out alright!


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