Sunday, September 24, 2006

A quickie

Just a little update. The weekend away was great. I got Friday off, so after I dropped the kids at school (eek we were late due to a last minute trip to Jamba juice for promised smoothies) I headed home to get some shit done.

I did 5 loads of laundry Friday AM, plus picked up the living room, and did the dishes. I managed to take nearly all of my scrapping stuff (1/2 didn't even make it out of the car at the retreat......), the car was packed.

Overall the retreat was alot of fun. I ended up sharing a room with a gal who I had talked to at 2 previous retreats. We're both young with young kiddos, so it worked out great. The chickies I sat with were awesome. One had been my room mate last time, plus the owner of Transparent Touches and her friend. I think we talked all day Saturday in either Napoleon Dynamite tones and phrases, or like Speedy Gonzoles' cousin from that cartoon. Um, it was funny, I swear.

I ended up completing 25 pages plus some cards. I uploaded the pics to my other computer, so if I ever put them online, I'll link the page here.

Geena if you're reading, I really want you to come out in Novemeber for that weekend crop. Give me an email so I have your addy on my "new" computer.

OOOOOh yeah. Jakey WILL be having surgery on Tuesday. I'm really nervous. I'll post about it tomorrow, he has his pre-op appointment at 8am.


mama_tulip said...

Hope his appt. goes well this morning...and I'll be thinking of him on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

of course i'm reading :)

and i'm sooo glad Jake is getting his surgery...i'll be thinking good thoughts for him tomorrow

Mary said...

Thanks Kath and Geena. The appointment went well today, he really likes the Dr, so that helps. He wants to take FOUR toys with him, so his goal tonight is to narrow that down to silly guy.

Geena come check out that website transparent touches and they have a message board. You should join and start posting. it's a lot of fun!

jeanne_bean said...

Hoping Jake's surgery goes well and that he heals quickly!


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