Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Make her feel three inches tall day

That's the new offical name of September 19th. Refering of course to me.

Maybe I said something to piss my clinical instructor off.

Maybe he felt I've been being lazy (compared to the other 2 students, no chance in hell).

Or maybe I've been too cocky? Could I have too much self-confidence? Not very likely.....

I have no idea. But I would like to say I did an AWESOME job of not crying after the 3rd or 4th thing I did "wrong" (according to him, but wasn't really).

Here's a list:

1.) A problem with how I positioned a shoulder. 1 of 4 views was slightly off, but it doesn't usually matter, and normally it wouldn't even be mentioned, but he made a big deal out of it.

2.) Then, on the same patient, my lateral elbow wasn't perfect. But it was pretty damn close. Looked like any imperfections were joint issues, not MY issues. Again, it was OKAY and would do, but not "good".

3.) Was told "students aren't allowed to play around on the internet" when I wanted to check my email. His wife spent 6 HOURS on the computer today working on a coaching class for her outside job.....I wanted to see if my online teacher had replied to an email....

4.) Was told I could get in trouble for sexual harrasment because I had a male patient lay on the table, slide his pants down past his hips, and cover up with a sheet. The patient pulled his shirt up, so his whole abdomen was in view. I *should* have had him put a gown on, but he would have been even MORE exposed that way. And during the whole getting on the table part, I shut the door and was out of the room.

5.) I didn't properly set the room up before shutting down the equipment. I'd never been told it had to be a certain way. I cleaned it, put everything away, but didn't stand the table up. And duh why I didn't I know that? It's not like someone ever told me that....

6.) before I did the exam mentioned in #4 I said the patient had gone to get something to drink. He told me that patients weren't supposed to drink before it. WTF. That is such utter bullshit. But he was serious. Even his wife was like "What are you talking about?"

There were more things, but those are the ones that really messed with my head. And now would be the time that it is upsetting to me. Atleast I didn't break down at work...

I just don't get it.

Usually I can anticpate a problem. But the truth is, I still don't always know if he's joking. At first today I totally thought that he was, but he was dead serious. I'm still terribly intimidated by him. I can't go to him if I have a problem that would in any way mean he wasn't doing a perfect job. He takes EVERYTHING personally.

After he went home for the day, I went and talked to Stacy (program director) because she was working in MRI. She asked how my day was, and I said "Not great, I'm glad I'm off in 30 mins". I'm thinking Mike (the other student from my school) might have talked to her, because it was like she was anticpating what I was going to say.

I explained the above situations, and just my general frustrations. She asked for suggestions for the next students to come thru. Other than get a different person in charge, I have no idea. But that's what sucks, no one else who works there currently, would do much better. The only one I'd suggest has been working over in mamm's, and only works 25 hours a week anyways.

So that's my bitching and whining (and now de-stressing and crying) about my shitty day. I really really hope tomorrow is better. Otherwise the next 6 months are going to be really hard to handle.


Chelle Y. said...

I hope your day is better tomorrow too. Reading all that stressed me out! :)

Pink Rocket said...

aww! mary that so sucks! hope it gets better! maybe he's just "picking" on you because he knows you're good and that you strive to do better

Di said...

maybe he just wants you to be as perfect as you can. Or maybe he is an ass.


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