Saturday, September 16, 2006

The weekend

I was so looking forward to this weekend. I hate working the 8-430 shift because when I get home I'm so tired from getting up so early.

Now as I type this, there are 2 screaning kids, and a daddy getting those 2 kid incredibly wound up. My throat hurts (again! what is the deal with stupid virus' these days?!?!) and my head hurts, and I want quiet time.

The kids are really doing well at the montessori school. Jake has started bringing home a reading folder every night. It has a short book in it and a place for Tom or I to sign that Jake ready to us. He is so excited about it. The first book is called "Mat". He also got a list of words to work on this weekend, all 3 letters long, mainly 'a' and 'i' words. I'm not trying to pressure him in to reading, he's decided he wants to learn to read. He told his teacher this as well.

Clara is also having fun. She did show her hard to handle side the other day. Threw a HUGE screaming fit because I made her carry her boots. I asked the assistant if she ever acts like this, and she said no. I'm not sure what to do. She gets so upset whenever she is told no. She tried to hit Jake with a pair of scissors the other night. She is sooooo strong willed and defiant. Not fun to handle.

Work is going well. Next week I work at 9 instead of 8, so I'm happy ;) Next weekend I'm going on a scrapbooking reatreat from Friday through Sunday. I'm hoping to take Friday off totally, or atleast leave by about noon. The place the retreat is at is a good 3 hours away with Friday afternoon traffic. I asked my clinical coordinator if I could either have Friday off, or leave at noon. He said maybe. Sooooo hopefully no one will be sick that day, and I'll just plan on not coming in.

Right now I have 4 full days I can take off. 3 will be needed for Jake's surgery (whever the heck it's gonna be), so I have one extra. If I need to go to England, I'll just be working over Christmas to make that work. At this point I'm confident that Gina's chemo is working, so it won't be a get there NOW situation. If it does turn in to that, I'll make it work.


Emily said...

I've had a strong willed little girl before, so I can relate. Just know that stubborn, pig-headedness that makes you batty will someday turn to make her an amazingly strong woman that other's admire for her fire.

I hope everything goes well for Gina! Been thinking of y'all a lot...

Kim said...

My Maeve sounds like your Clara! *sigh* What is it about that 2nd kid? :(

I hope you have a long, relaxing next weekend and you get to escape a little earlier!

I'm so glad to hear about Gina! I'm praying for her and your family. Keep me posted.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

BOB books! Jake's reading BOB books!! Oh my goodness, we love the BOB books!! I have the first two sets and they're fantastic!

Mary said...

That makes me feel alot better Emily. I just worry now when she's so moody to start with, and only 3!

Kim--as soon as I hear more about Gina, I'll post. We're just in a 'holding pattern' right now, waiting for the CT to happen.

Kimmif--they ARE the bob books. He got book #2 last night, and read it all by covering up the pictures--Miss Tiffani wants to make sure he knows the words, not guesses.


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