Friday, August 04, 2006


I'm glad today is Friday.

I work from 12-930 and I'm hoping it'll be busy. We've been pretty slow this week, and that makes time just draaaaaaag out. By hoping it's busy, I'm hoping for people to get hurt. That's not very cool, is it?

Yesterday we had a patient that we were doing a possible stroke CT on. She had be our patient last week for a possible broken hip. Turns out it had been broken TWO WEEKS earlier, and she had still been getting around. She was a fiesty little old lady. Very sweet. And then to see her unable to talk, and move very well. It was sad. One of those things that just all the sudden hits ya right in the gut.

Gina had her first round of chemo on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. She's home now and doing well, just really tired. I don't think the effects of the chemo have hit her yet. My mom is staying through next Wed/Thur/Fri at some point. Doesn't look like I'll be able to go out until September. The tickets are just too expensive right now, and it just doesn't flow well with work. So mid-september will probably be it.

I think I'm going to Salem's gayest straight bar again tonight with my friend Shel. She likes to dance, and it's her favorite spot. I just like to get drunk. So it's all good. The kids are spending the night at my parents house, so Tom can have a hermit-type night just sitting at the computer and watching TV.

Tomorrow I think we're going to the county fair. It's free day for hospital employees plus they have a corperate tent w/free food and drinks. If nothing else, it'll kill a few hours.

Sunday Tom is doing the Blackberry Bramble ride down in Eugene. I'm not sure what we're going to do. One of my local moms boards is having a baby shower, so if I can talk my dad in to babysitting for a fwe hours, I'll go to that. I really don't want to take the kids. They wouldn't sit still for any amount of time.

Well I'd better hit the road so I can head to work. I'm going to stop at Carl's Jr to get their big cheeseburger (only $1.29!) and then Safeway to get a kickass asian chicken salad.

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Susan said...

I'm so glad that your sister decided to go ahead with treatment. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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